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What is EWG?

The EWG empowers individuals with research to make informed choices for a healthier life and environment, calling for safer chemical practices and transparency in consumer products.
At Natural Eye Doctor, we prioritise your health and safety, especially regarding the products you use on your skin and eyes. This is why we support the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a US-based organisation dedicated to ensuring the safety of personal care products since 1993. EWG’s Skin Deep database is a powerful tool that guides consumers make more informed decisions about the products they use. At the time of writing, Skin Deep contains detailed information on over 100,000 products sold under 2,099 brand names and manufactured by 1,571 companies. It includes data on 8,892 personal care product ingredients sourced from ingredient labels and scientific literature. The personal care industry uses about 10,500 unique chemical ingredients, some of which are known or suspected to be harmful, including carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and endocrine disruptors. Dangerous ingredients like coal tar, formaldehyde, and lead acetate are still found in some products. EWG’s ratings provide readily available information about the safety of these ingredients, helping consumers avoid potentially harmful chemicals. EWG RATING SCALE The Environmental Working Group (EWG) assigns each product a score from 1 to 10, with 10 indicating the highest level of concern. This scoring system relies on nearly 60 databases covering toxicity, regulations, and study availability. EWG’s rigorous standards and continuous updates ensure you have access to the most reliable safety information. If a product has not been reviewed by EWG, we have utilised their Build Your Own Report tool, which generates a report based on the product's ingredients. While EWG boasts one of the most comprehensive databases available, some ingredients might not be listed. For transparency, a score followed by an asterisk (*) indicates that the rating was derived using this tool and has not been verified by EWG's in-house scientists. By offering products screened by EWG’s Skin Deep, we ensure you can have a greater awareness of what you're purchasing from our website. The products we offer prioritise your skin and eye health. Knowing that Natural Eye Doctor supports EWG’s mission and standards means you can trust that you are making safer choices for your well-being. All products vetted by EWG will display a rating for transparency. Please use this rating as a guide only. Additionally, every purchase on our site supports our commitment to EWG’s mission, helping to promote safer consumer products.
Bringing you products advocated by experts in their field.Bringing you products advocated by experts in their field.
Natural Eye Doctor

Bringing you products advocated by experts in their field.

Our Promise

At Natural Eye Doctor, we believe in offering products made from natural ingredients or those recommended by experts, ensuring they aid in the longevity and health of your eyes and skin. We are committed to selecting our partners with the utmost care to uphold this promise. If you have products that align with our vision and would like to collaborate, email us at naturaleyedoctor@gmail.com.